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Lunch at the Bean.

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August 23, 2014

This is from earlier today. People kept getting in my shot although it’s kind of a cool effect.

I edited a little music. Maybe the pictures get in the way. I want to enjoy life though. Such a nice day to sit downtown.

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Aug 23, 2014

3:14 PM

I skipped day thirteen and haven’t gotten back to blogging. You might be superstitious if you skip day 13. I’m thinking of just dating them and maybe a time stamp.

Yesterday, I went on a music marathon. I went through every song I know. I didn’t play quite as much as I hoped, but it was still fun.

I’m going to try to play at open mic tomorrow. I called and they said they have it every other Sunday. Hopefully she was correct that there is one tomorrow.


That awkward moment when you want to watch a show and have no idea what its name is.

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Day 12

Did a little practicing today and busted out the harp! It’s pretty difficult to play keyboard, sing and play harp at the same time. I think it will get the wheels turning to finally record this harp part. Then I can finally finish this stop motion video I’ve been working on. Signing off for now.

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I updated my Facebook a little today! Hit that like button! It’s a little easier for me to reply to comments!

Day 11

Mainly did some editing and did some practicing today. I’m using a electric keyboard sound to practice. The patch let’s me pan each set of samples to opposite channels. This really cleared up the mix. I feel it takes away from the live feel a hair, but the clarity is worth it. The low end just gets way too muddy.
I had an idea for a series of propaganda posters. Imitating old posters to advertise my music. We will see if this materializes.
I had some ideas for the design of my album cover. Vote on your favorite idea.
Drop a number in your reply:

1. Boat on the ocean getting eaten by a giant whale.
2. Boat on the sea cracked in half.
3. Text cracked in half.
4. Minimal Gradient Spray Paint
5. Cracked Pavement
6. Cracked Heart
7. Dissolving Cracked Heart

1 month ago
Day 7-10 - Blog Bust -

Haven’t blogged in a bit. Trying to take one day at a time, so I’m busting out 4 days at a time! Yaaaaa! Pretty much I’ve been practicing these past days. Today I added some sound textures to my recordings. I also came to terms about deleting some past background vocals. I decided to focus on ambient texture because the background vocals are frustrating me.

I’d like to add some harp parts to this one track. I might add them to my live performance. We will see how that goes. Gonna bust out the harp tonight and see how that goes. Blog bust over! Yaaaaaa!

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